Founded By: Nagaji
Founding Date: 2E228
Common Races: Nagaji
Location: South Western portion of the Gordotch Grail
Known For: Advanced in Architecture, specifically exquisite homes made from the Gordotch material.


The secondcity of the Nagaji Yoodoo, it is considered one of their most advanced cities. Being legless beings the roads and sidewalks are always free from debris. It operates as a major trading hub, being centrally located between Yoso, Umar, Shyoath, and Steel Grove. Their expertise at shaping the Gordotch has extended into their crafting market as well. The cores of the large mushrooms can be dried and carved into various things such as furniture, wagons, and boats. These items fare much better when treated with sealing sap.


The city of Yoodoo is a very quick moving city. Goods are traded quickly via shouting in the city square. Prices vary wildly as there are always merchants looking to bring products of one spoke city to another. The people of Yoodoo typically fall into two personality types; those that prefer the tried and true, steady life of a hard worker (mushroom harvesting and carving, road repair, etc.) and those that seek the fast moving life of a tradesman or adventurer. Each ""faction"" carries a mild distrust of the opposition, as they tend to not understand each other’s trade or way of thinking.


The road are pristine, and the road workers outnumber the town guard 2 to 1. With the large amount of carts, horses, wagons, and legged races coming through, the roads most constantly be repaird to suit the liking of the primarily Nagaji inhabitants.

House Styling

The home carved from the trunks of the large mushrooms that comprise the Gordotch Grail. The houses were carved, while the mushrooms are alive, and then the cap is removed. The mushrooms are inherently fragile, and must be carved carefully for them to dry in a way that promotes strength and prevents cracking. In early stages the home were farther apart due to the large spacing between the Mushrooms. Some Nagaji are well trained in early care for the mushrooms, and thus new crops are raised between existing homes and growth is promoted to suit the home to be built. (wide and stout for a large house, taller for a boarding house) Sometimes multiple mushrooms are grown close together such that they fuse; in this way a wider base can be established faster. Most average sized dwellings can be ""grown"" in 5 years, but larger and better quality homes can take much longer. Stairs are installed typically only in non-nagaji homes. A spiral ""slide"" of sorts is carved most nagagi homes. Typically these are textured in a way that provides the nagaji with plenty of grip and comfort, but legged races are less comfortable with the ""slides.""

The wealthiest inhabitants can afford to have their houses continually maintained and thus live in a live mushroom. This requires naturalits to treat disease of the mushroom, and carvers to continually hone doorways and hold back the regrowth of the mushroom.


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