The Brown Belt

Location: South-East Mainland
Climate: Humid and muggy
Ecology: Rumors of large beasts capable of moving through the mud. Small lizards, mice, and other small animals are able to run across the surface without sinking. Birds and other flying creatures make nests on small rare outcroppings from the mud. Nests are only seen near the edges of mud as food is difficult to find within the mud, but the mud offers supreme protection from predators.

Large ostrich-like birds and swift moving mole like creatures are sometimes seen skimming across the surface, but little is known of their dwellings

Resources: The deep sludge is rich in nutrients and minerals, and makes excellent growing medium, boosting yield by 20%. It is incredibly difficult to gather this material though.

Common Peoples: Centaurs are known to inhabit the small “island” of land within the mud.
Other Names: Centaurs call it Grimbrod

Created by Natsuma, this thick quicksand like mud stretches from the Sweetwater Sea, to the bordering ocean. A small island, home to Centaurs exists nearer to the Sweetwater Sea, and a stretch of rock and earth floats above the southern portion. The life on this outcropping is yet unknown. The mud in the shadow of the hover-island is much more fluid than the rest of the belt; little is known of the life within this pool.

There seems to be no active current within the mud, but over several generations, land descriptions seem to be slightly off, indicating a gentle shift towards the coast of the continent; Roughly 2 miles per generation.

Sprinting across is difficult for any small-footed humanoid, and stopping on the surface results in gentle sinking. Struggling proves more and more difficult, and all but the strongest warriors are doomed once they are knee-deep.

The Brown Belt

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