Founded By: Nagaji
Founding Date: Undecided
Common Races: Nagaji
Location: Near Lake Cordone and Spirila
Known For: Being a walled Nagaji City


This city has become the northern outpost of the Nagaji. They have lucious lands to the east fed by Lake Cordone. They also serve to provide supplies for those brave enough to enter Spirila


While a fortified city, they have mostly kept to themselves


The people of this town welcome travelers, but few of the Ronon-born inhabitants of the city ever depart. They find Ronon to be a near oasis with lush trading and food stuffs. The city continues to expand with the supply of lumber from the coast of Lake Cordone, and from the few Nagaji who have brought aritechtural practices from the Gordotch Grail.

House Styling

Mostly wooden structures, though since nagaji tend are more in contact with the earth than most species, the floors are of finer quality, like the roads.


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