Capital City: Omat
God: Anbrew
Secondary Cities: Ormoroth, Osck

The Oreads are an ancient race of mountain dwelling people. They are medium size, and have thick skin with rocky protrusions on their back along their spine. They are hardy and slow. They feast on minerals found within their mountain.

The Oreads were one of the first peoples in Bentree, and were happy to keep to themselves and be left alone. The lived in the city of Omat within the dormant volcano Mt Morrod. As more races started to develop near their mountain range, they became more hostile to intruders on their land. They spread throughout the mountains, establishing Ormoroth to the South and Osck to the North as strongholds along the Acor Mountains.

Currently, the Oreads are very territorial and have regular patrols all along the mountains. They attack anyone foolish or brave enough to enter the mountains, killing those who resist and capturing the rest. Rumors state that they sacrifice those they have captured to the volcano.


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