Metal Tower

Founded By: Thane
Founding Date: 2E
Common Races: War-Forged (assumedly), ?
Location: West
Known For: Being a Huge Smoking Tower


What little is known about Metal Tower is gleaned primarilly from three sources. Their reliability is questionable.

Ergile Hummage

""The Metal Tower? Yeah, I’ve been there… I might even know a thing or two if the gold is good. Oh? This is being recorded?

(The sound of gold coins dropping)
""Here is what I know. That tower, that metal tower, has a lot of stories. Huge smokey pipes erupt from all sides, and the land around it is littered with corpses – all sorts of critters, some like I’ve never seen before. What is crazy is, some of the creatures seem to go to the tower and get shot on the way, but some… some are comin’ from the tower.""

(A burp)


""Yes, I will supply you with my proffessional opinion, as a highly regarded person with a good deal of knowledge of warforged culture.

The truth about the tower is that it doesn’t just go up, it goes down as well. There is a massive undercity beneath the tower, far into the earth, where the heat would be unbearable for the gentler races. It is there that the warforged conduct their unwholesome experiments… yes, I am referring to the Albis.""

Insane Human Male

""Don’t go to Metal Tower… it wasn’t the first to be built in the area… Last week I had fried catfish.""
""Her name is Roselyn, don’t forget that. That is the key.""
""You got any muffins?""
(The light sound of chewing)
""You ever take the time to look behind the tower? The land behind it? Really look at it, closely? Not many people… ya know… take care of trees like I do.""
""The dibliomibaribosomes in the stuff they put on the land… ding dang… rare Plopian caseroles use that stuff.""
""It is more than a sundial… the trick is to blot out the sun, first."

Metal Tower

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