Religion: The Elves remain mystics. They worship the Theor, the essence of the thick forest they inhabit. They also practice ancestor worship in most areas. The communities practice several rituals together to commune with the forest spirits. Most elven families have family garden shrines. They plant a flower in the garden and fertilize it with the ashes of the deceased family member. Here they will come for guidance and blessing.

History: Because elven history is exclusively passed down through a rich oral tradition, history that dates back before their discovery by the humans, is considered legend by scholars.

The elven legend of the creation of the world goes as follows: There was nothing before Theor. Theor was the first sound. Theor thundered itself upwards many times. It did this throughout the land. The thunder hardened into trees and the ground seeped out through the roots. The trees bore fruit. The fruit fell from the tree and creatures emerged from the seeds. The elven creatures found the Theor in the rustling of the branches and leaves. They followed the leaves through the wind until they found home at the base of the largest tree.

This “home” is thought of to be referring to the cite of the modern city of Apola. After their discovery in 2E491 by the human avatar, Christopher Crumpus, various human scholars befriended the elves and lived among them to learn more about the race and its culture. What they found was quite interesting. Although the elves have a great reverence for all of the creatures of the woods, as they contain the essence of Theor, there are many who see other elves in a very competitive way. They tend to not value elven lives as much as the life of the woods and its other inhabitants. There was rampant racism among the elves, particularly targeting the drow elves. The drow were forced out of other villages and cities and formed their own city, Tonwor.

The drow served as scapegoats and elven lore seems to have gradually adopted more villainous depictions of the drow. This led to strife between Apola and Tonwor. Some of this strife was witnessed by historians and siege of Tonwor was recorded happening in 3E64 by the wood elves of Apola.


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