Capital City: Dreiv
God: Anbrew
Secondary Cities: Vastin, Thirton

The Duerger are a race of stout dark skinned dwarves with white eyes. Their culture is based around pillage and plunder. They were awakened from deep within the Iron Mountains after an earthquake caused by the gods. A leader quickly arose: Warmonger Bartleby.

Upset by their abrupt awakening, they decided to prepare for war. Their first act of war was the attack of the nearby human town of New Oarbol. They massacred the army and proceeded to rape, murder, pillage, and plunder. They decimated the town, leaving none alive.

They created more strongholds within the mountains, Vastin, followed by Thirton. More armys arose, and Warmonger Bartleby domesticated and educated the native race of goblins to become the front line of his armies.


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