God: Baxlebub
Capitol City: Hornbaugh
Alignment: Neutral
Avatar: NA
Created: 3E80

Description: Typical asterion are powerfully-built humanoids, standing nearly 7 feet tall. They have roughly human features, though tend to have thicker, wilder hair and broader, flatter faces. Two horns grow from all asterion’s heads, beginning around the ear and jutting forward toward the cheek or jaw. These horns range from short spikes of just a few inches to mighty curved horns curling up and forward (though some rare individuals can be found with horns that curl downward). While males generally have larger horns than females, that isn’t always the case. From the knee down, asterion legs are covered in hair (ranging in texture from shaggy wool to fine fur), and their feet are digitigrade and end in hooves. Most asterion have a stout tails, like those found on cattle, though this is not a universal trait.

Though many think of them as a dusky race, in truth there are many lighter-haired and lighter-skinned asterion. They have a much broader range of skin and hair color than most races, and individuals may be white, cream, tan, brown, yellow, golden, bronze, red, brown, black, or even blue. In most cases, an asterion’s fetlocks and manes will match, as will its hoof and eye color.

Culture: To be an Asterion is to be a blank slate. They were created as adults five years ago, and are still discovering their surroundings.

Asterion form opinions about those they meet very quickly, and thus often have the best relations with those who are straightforward and do not stand on ceremony, observe rigid protocol, or practice stylish etiquette.

Asterion have a very black-and-white view of the world. Once they identify someone as a foe, they rarely change their minds. They display emotions openly, seeing no point in concealing their feelings, but refuse to allow such sentiments cloud their devotion to doing what is right and necessary. They can be steadfastly pragmatic, and may consider certain actions imperative while others find them cruel or even evil.


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