Founded By: Thane
Founding Date: 2E
Common Races: Dwarves, Elves, Drow
Location: *
Known For: Black Markets, Raw Metals, Anarchy


This city was formerly the frontier city for raids by War-Forged on Greytree. It resembles a massive, complex concentration camp, but is currently abandoned by the War-Forged. Dwarves have taken over the city, claiming it for themselves.


What was once a concentration camp in which enslaved races mined endlessly for the War-Forged, the city is now the newest on the continent. The dwarves, a race of stocky humanoids with a penchant for steelworking, have claimed the abandoned city for themselves and their fellow slaves.


The population of Three-Two-Four (Pronounce Thritafor by the Dwarves) is primarilly ex-slaves who wish to disappear. Nowhere else is there more of a lack of law and lack of government. There are no guards, only mercenaries. There are no leaders, only those in power. There is no government to speak of, because the Dwarves, the largest population within the city, refuse to elect ""new masters"". This city is a good example of tyranny of the masses being successful.

When it comes to common food and shelter, Thritafor has non-endorsed charity. Those who have goods will share them with others in need, and expect others to do the same. Because of this, it is not unusual to have someone enter your home if unlocked while you are gone and rummage through your belongings, ignoring your jewelry, which to a member of Thritafor has no intrinsic value, and taking a few rations instead. This, of course, has resulted in a rapidly expanding thief circle taking advantage of the ex-slaves, but given the communalism and anarchy, they fear the harsh retribution for violating the unspoken slave code.

House Styling

The housing ranges from largescale prison complexes to ramshackle lean-tos. It is defined by it formerly being a concentration camp.


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