Founded By: Grippli
Founding Date: Undecided
Common Races: Grippli
Location: On the floating mainland island
Known For: Having a heavily fortified wall that is impenetrable


This city is the Mid-continent center of operation for the Grippli forces. This is typically the base training camp for all new military recruits and the usual rally point for military patrols. The city is far reaching, and has become a crowded and dense urban area because the walls contrain expansion.


Several massive armies were trained and sent for from here during the beginning of the human wars. Gripplis looking for the urban feel typically make their way to Skell over Ovid as the building are more to their size.


The people of this town welcome travelers, but few of the Ronon-born inhabitants of the city ever depart. They find Ronon to be a near oasis with lush trading and food stuffs. The city continues to expand with the supply of lumber from the coast of Lake Cordone, and from the few Nagaji who have brought aritechtural practices from the Gordotch Grail.

The Wall:

The Wall is an engineering marvel. When the project was envisioned, a team of naturalists and engineers were sent out on an expedition into the forests of Ganuu looking for the best lumber species to begin a wall. The species found during that excursion were brought back, cross polinated and cross bred to create the most ruggid and solid tree known to the Gripplis. It is a tree whoss root system is a spiking tap root making the tree resistant to any force pressed upon it. The wall was initially going to be built from the wood of these tree, but harvesting proved too time consuming and diffult. The trees were then planted directly in a ring around the city, and then between the trees are filled in with boulders and rock, with branches and off-shoot roots growing out to hold the wall in place. If portion are found to be dying, or have already succumb to disease or fire. They are quickly removed and tens of saplings are planted up and down the affected cavity. In a year, or less with magician horticulturist help, the saplings will grow together forming a solid structure just as strong as the original tree. More than half of the initial tree are still part of the wall.

Most of the top out shoots of the trees are constantly chopped back in order to encourage outward growth into the wall. Some are pruned to provide tall watch towers, with spiraling branches acting as ladder rungs of sorts.

House Styling:

Mostly earthen and natural materials. Buildings are often made in the same way that the wall is contructed. Advances in contruction and architecure for the wall are quickly adopted by in-wall developers.


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