Humans main
God: Jorb
Capital City: Briarbridge

Religion: Primarily worship Jorb, but there is also a Baxelbub sect throughout the kingdom. According to Plopian historical accounts, the Avatar Ploku was given a vision from Jorb of a new race of beings to be made from the likeness of collective Plopians. Being very religious, the Plopians first taught the beings how to survive in the world and then taught them of Jorb. Later, many humans would also choose to worship Baxelbub, who was the god of that region around Sweetwater and the Iron Mountains.

Description: The humans are skilled sailors, and hunters. They also tend to be very industrious. The humans are not particularly the strongest, smartest, wisest or most dexterous race, but they are very adaptable, durable, and generally tend to be greedy.

History: The humans were created around the Sweetwater Sea by Avatar Ploku. The Plopians have this recorded in their work “Histories of the Early Worlds” and cited Ploku’s creation journey as happening 1E2243-2251. Luckily for human historians, the Plopians were avid writers even early on, and have various records of the event. So Ploku formed the humans out of some brave Plopians who formed themselves into these new beings.

The humans have remained in the area of the Sweetwater Sea until the modern age. Their first established city was Briarbridge. It is unclear what the exact date would be for the city’s formation, but historians generally agree that this small fishing village had grown to a bustling city by 1E2400-2475. Briarbridge quickly became the center for human trade. Early Briarbridge goods included furs, fish, and other sorts of wild game.

After Briarbridge, the humans settled northeast and established a mining city called Oarbol in the Iron Mountains in the early years of the 2nd Age. They advanced from their crude forms of writing, and around this time, accurate, historical accounts begin to emerge from the humans. They settled the city Voran at the mouth of the Darkwood River in 2E164. These three cities began to industrialize, harnessing the power of the rivers and the iron and coal from the mountains. The Darkwood Forest provided adequate lumber for their building projects and numerous ships. This sudden industrialization led to slave labor of other conquered humans of surrounding tribes. Even child citizens were forced to work in horrible conditions for the wealthy humans. This period is generally referred to as “The Dark Period” of human history.

Their greed pushed them west. They formed the colony of Sherd in the northern Acor Mountains in 2E184. Wealthy merchants from Briarbridge and their slaves and workers, settled the area in search of precious gems. This did not go over well with the local Oreads, who are known to be quite territorial, however the small raids never escalated to a war. The heavy industrialization and slavery continued until Baxelbub, in his wisdom, saw the humans as an evil plight on his beautiful part of the world, and brought forth the Great Earthquake that flooded the area north of Briarbridge and destroyed Oarbol 2E467.

This catastrophe unified the human city-states, and avatar Christopher Crumpus arose as unifying king of the human lands. The humans saw this catastrophe as a great act of Baxelbub, and his followers grew. Crumpus abolished the slave system of Briarbridge, and built dozens of temples to honor the gods Baxelbub and Jorb, to try and win back good standing. The humans also perfected their sailing during this period, in order to properly deal with the strong currents around Briarbridge.

Along with his fervor, Christopher Crumpus was also an avid explorer and mapped the lands to the south of the Sweetwater Sea. In 2E491, during his third expedition, he discovered the Wood Elves and the Drow living in the Theor Woods. All the while, the humans all over the kingdom were abolishing their slavery practices and aligning themselves to the wishes of the gods. Nearing the end of the 2nd Age, Crumpus raised an army in Briarbridge, upon seeing, in his travels, the hostile peoples that littered the lands.

In 3E2, avatar Crumpus Brought settlers and soldiers near the ruins of Oarbol. There they began to build the mining town of New Oarbol as the region had access to many valuable minerals and materials. Here, Crumpus spent the rest of his days, overseeing the construction. In the winter of 3E13, avatar Crumpus died at the age of 73, from a difficult case of pneumonia in the harsh mountain conditions. His heir, Auberon Crumpus, then became king of Sweetwater and the new avatar of the humans. The loss of the old avatar and rumors of rapidly amassing Duerger armies to the east, led to widespread panic throughout Sweetwater. However, Auberon underestimated the power of the Duerger armies, and did not build upon the defenses set up by his father.

In 3E44 New Oarbol was suddenly besieged, sacked, violently pillaged and burned to the ground by several Duerger armies. The new city was burned to the ground, and now lies in ruin next to its unlucky grandfather, Oarbol. The news arrived in Briarbridge a month later and the loss was mourned throughout the kingdom. Auberon, in honor of the two cities and the brave men who died in battle, declared the day a day of remembrance to be recognized every year. ‘The Day of Tears’ is still celebrated to this day.

The people of Sweetwater were angry with King Auberon, and Auberon now feared the Duerger greatly. He began raising armies all throughout the kingdom. They developed longbows for the exact purpose of being able to attack across the huge rivers surrounding Briarbridge in case of a siege. The city of Winstar was founded 3E73 and that same year, Auberon, now an old man, traveled to Ovid and set up a diplomatic sect there known as the League of Men. From this platform, he told the tales of the war and the vast armies of the duerger. He begged for help year after year, until his death 3E84. His heir is Constantine Crumpus, and he remains the King of Sweetwater. Honoring the avatar’s death, the city of Ovid granted the humans support in their war struggle. Ally armies now are stationed in Briarbridge, and terrible battles seem inevitable.


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