• Dominant Species: Orks
  • Primary Trade Goods: Magic Crafts; Ork-Forged
  • Location: Swamps of Collo

Grizzlebees, or Grizzali in the Ork language, is the Capitol City of Ork Culture and is the only location in Bent-Tree known to produce Ork-Forged (colloquially known as War-Forged). This has lead to tension between Grizzali and other cities, as Grizzalians can be seen as the indirect cause of The War-Forged Crisis of the Third Era.


During the early 2nd Era, several large tribes of “Feral” Orks (often spelled Orcs) whom inhabited the early Collo Swamps, united to form a more complex society. Under the command of a series of powerful Chieftains (referred to in early Plopian texts as “Imperiars”), these civilized Orcs rebranded themselves, adopted writing, and began practicing magic. However, much of the feral tribes practices continued – cannibalism, ritual killing, blood magic.

This ended under the lead of the Imperiar Automaius, who, over the course of his lifetime, overthrew a majority of the remaining feral Orc traditions, pioneered the construction of the Ork-Forged, and raised the Grizzalian Magitech crafts to unparalleled heights. Under his gaze the tribe evolved into the small empire it is today, with several peripheral cities, some as far off as Sharkfin.


One of the oldest cities, Grizzalian culture has several key components. Firstly, due to a fierce sense of traditionalism, there is little to no “industrialization” as seen most often by Humans, War-Forged, and to some degree Kobolds. Grizzalians are diligent workers, but culture dictates everything be hand-made. Even using magical assistance during construction, a practice developed by the Orks, is seen as slightly beneath Grizzalians.

Another factor in the overall demeanor of the city is class struggle. While Ork-Forged are desired by many as a status symbol, only the nobles and the wealthy can afford them, who often have several. The poor are treated poorly, often worse than the Ork-Forged slaves themselves – “Forgeless Help” being a pejorative term for work often handled by paid help that is too low for something as valuable as an Ork-Forged to handle.

The city has also been characterized as xenophobic, but this is misunderstood. The Grizzalians are themselves not racist, and due to the age of the city have a number of non-Ork noble houses. They are, however, classist, following a complex system of social rules and judging any whom do not act as the nobles act negatively. Given non-Grizzalians are usually unfamiliar with the peculiarities of Grizzalian customs, they often will be treated similar to the “Forgeless help” whose uncouth traits they share.


The exact nature of the relationship between the escaped Ork-Forged and the Orks is unclear. Somehow, they appear to have established a truce of some sort.


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