City tree house

Founded By: Gripplis
Founding Date: Undecided
Common Races: Gripplis
Location: Ganuu
Known For: Large rainforests, tree house style dwellings and marketplace
Major exports: Exotic and useful fruits and nature based products. E.g. (Midnight Fruit, Boomberry, etc.)


Sikroo is a a tree city upon the floating land mass of Ganuu. The villages are built near the canopy of the sprawling rain forest. Decades of vine growth and tree melding made it easy for the small nimble Gripplis to move about their hut-like homes on pathways of woven living vines.


The Gripplis found in the capital of Sikroo, are mostly a royal blue color. When a Grippli is born with alternative coloration, it as seen as special and is typically brought up with better education and hold positions of great power.

The Market

The market place is always teeming with various exotic fruits and small animals. The rain forest’s great diversity means great reward for those willing to go searching for the exotic Midnight Fruit (emits a very dim red glow for the hour surrounding midnight), and the tasty great-ant (fairly harmless ant half a foot long when mature). The market place has many wondrous things.


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