God: Patroneus
Capitol City: Loir
Alignment: Neutral Good
Avatar: Damyio(born 3E79)
Created: 2E163

Physical Description: Samsarans appear as humans with pale blue skin, solid white eyes with no pupil or iris, and dark hair. A samsaran’s blood is crystal clear, like the water of a pure mountain spring.

Society: Samsarans prefer to live simple lives of reflection, scholarship, and worship. They try to live their lives free of the ambitions and greed that mortality often imposes, since they view their lives as only the latest incarnation of many to come. Any accomplishments left undone in this current life can surely be achieved in the next, or the one after that. Samsarans’ memories of their past lives are not complete—they most often feel like half-remembered dreams.

While most samsarans who die reincarnate as samsaran children, this is not always the case. When a samsaran has utterly failed at maintaining harmony in her current life, or when she has succeeded perfectly at it, her soul instead travels to the Great Beyond to receive its final, long-delayed reward or doom. Samsarans do not keep family names, instead their last name is kept from lifetime to lifetime. Usually this lifelong name is a title, although some samsarans choose a name of their liking.

History: Legend has it that the Tree of Souls collects the souls of the departed. When the second age came and various races began to emerge from the earth, the Tree sensed it would need guardians to protect both itself and the deceased. Thus, when heroic souls of the other races came to the tree it gave them new lives as a guardians. These were the first Samsarans.

Given life in the hallowed shade of the Tree of Souls, the Samsarans were free of strife and conflict. They spent their time developing grand buildings, developing advanced healing techniques, and seeking spiritual enlightenment. Free of the threat of death, years passed in isolation for the Samsarans. It was 3E40 when the Dragons arrived on the island. Confused and without a homeland, they sought shelter with the Samsarans. The Samsarans taught them of the Tree and of their purpose. The dragons, renaming themselves the Imperial Dragons, joined the Samsarans as guardians of the Tree.

It was several decades later, 3E79, that a prophet was born. Taking up the name Damyio, he prophesied that the time for peace was ending. The Samsarans would need to rise up and fulfill their roles as guardians. This was a great controversy among the Samarans who had lived in peace for centuries. While most of Samarans and Dragons listened to the Damyio, others named themselves Ilus and left the island.

Those that remained began the process of training and raising a army, ready to defend to defend the Tree of Souls at any cost.


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