God: Baxlebub/Zu
Capitol City: Ovid/Atwak
Alignment: Good
Avatar: Jax
Created: 2E525

Description: Typical ratfolk are average 4 feet tall and weigh 80 pounds. They often wear robes to stay cool in the desert or conceal their forms in cities. Ratfolk have a strong attraction to shiny jewelry, especially copper, bronze, and gold, and many decorate their ears and tails with small rings made of such metals. They are known to train giant rats (dire rats with the giant creature simple template), which they often use as pack animals and mounts.

History: Created by Zu in 2E525 in Ovid, the Ratfolk quickly went undergound and populated the sewers in which they felt much more comfortable. With a uniquely adept mind at tunneling and creating underground networks, the Ratfolk soon became the most advanced people in all of Bentree at designing organized and efficient cities. This started with making the sewers of Ovid incredibly sophisticated (which of course benefited the Ovidians), but that soon was only the top layer of a whole new city.

In 3E80, Jax lead some Ratfolk to Palis, where he still resides.

Culture: The best way to describe Ratfolk is that they are avid collectors, but rarely creators. Every Ratfolk prides himself on his expansive collections, which they will display prominently in their homes. Because of this trait, Ratfolk have an appreciation for every culture and people, because something can be collected from them. Every Ratfolk, however, has a unique passion amongst their collections, and their greatest goal is to create something of which would be a valuable addition to that collection. For the vast majority of Ratfolk, this passion is city planning (leading to Atwak being so astoundingly designed), but others will have passions from anything from books to magical relics.

Ratfolk respect Baxlebub, but actually worship Zu as their creator.

Ratfolk travel far and wide, but only in pursuit of adding to their collections. As such, they are very much a trading people. They stop just short of commercializing their trade, like the Kobold’s do, but they greatly appreciate the Kobold culture.


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