God: Jorb and Calculon

Capitol City: Psytosol

Additional Cities: Quinine

Avatar: Ploku

A race of tiny individual creatures that can come together to form larger congealed “creature” typically under control of an individual.


Average Plopian Colony

Overview: The Race known as Plopians (Plopulus Originus) are, according to their historical records, the first sentient life in the land of Bent Tree. A pale, semi-transparent blue, the Plopians, who often refer to themselves as colonies instead of individuals, are believed to be composed of smaller creatures of indeterminate size. They congeal in a massive circular fissure in the Bent Tree; both their primary breeding grounds and their founding city, Psytosol.

Of peculiar note, this race tends not to use the standard coin internally, working symbiotically amongst each other within Psytosol. It is only when dealing with foreign races that they will barter. Colonies have been known to barter with other Colonies when away from a breeding ground, but such is unusual.

Plopian Colonies run a gamut of sizes from fairly small to approximately the size of an average Orks. They are versatile in their youth, able to change shape freely, but as they age they seem to stiffen and assume a more consistent state.

Personalities: Always curious about the Newlings, a term used to describe Humans whom they claim to have created, they will often be seen working in, inhabiting, or running enterprises within Human cities and settlements. Being somewhat amorphous when young, they can excel in a variety of activities, much like their claimed descendant race, although they breed much slower (perhaps three viable Plopian Colonies per Plopian during the course of it’s life).


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