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God: Natsuma
Alignment: Neutral
Capitol City: Umar
Additional Cities: Yoodoo, Ronon, Omen, Yoso, Ovid, Palis
Avatar: Kilms


The Nagaji are a race of semi-snake people. They are completely reptilian, though their lower halves resemble the body of a snake, while their upper halves are roughly humanoid. They typically have no hair, and their faces tend to be more elongated and snake-like.


Avatar Tontur of the Gripplis was commanded by Natsuma to combine the essence of intelligence with the phycial nature of a snake and thus the Nagaji were created. As such, while there has never been a formal alliance between their races, the Nagaji and the Gripplis have always had mutual feelings of peace and goodwill to one another.


What follows is an account of the major historitcal events of the Nagaji people

  • 2E130 Nagaji cocreated in Umar
  • 2E230 Avatar Kilms escalated in the Nagaji
  • 2E231 Avatar Kilms founds Yoodoo
  • 2E324 Avatar Kilms founds Ronon
  • 2E418 Avatar Kilms founds Omen
  • 2E517 Yoodoo advances in Architecture
  • 3E7 Natsuma founds Yoso
  • 3E49 Nagaji move en masse to Ovid
  • 3E72 Avatar Kilms founds Palis within the poisoness plant maze
  • 3E86 (Spring) Ronon surrounds itself with a mighty wall
  • 3E86 (Fall) Kilms leads the people of Yoso to establish a massive port


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