Midnight Fruit

Midnight fruit

Midnight fruit is a fruit that only grows at the high altitudes and wet forests of Ganuu. It is roughly six inches in diameter, made of smaller nodules of fruit.

Midnight fruit gets it name from the fact that it has a dim glow from 11:30pm to 12:30am in Sikroo, that is to say, no matter where in the world the fruit is, it will glow at 11:30pm to 12:30am Sikroo Standard time. These fruit produce dim light, but the fruit only remains good for about 2 weeks once picked if fully ripe. Fruits that are picked before peak ripeness will glow dimmer and for less time (less than an hour surrounding midnight) but will survive upwards of three weeks, while fruit picked past peak ripeness will produce a brighter light for less time, but will only last about one week.

Because all midnight fruit are very closely synced in time (more in sync if they were of the same ripeness when picked), they can be and have been used to coordinate events across vast distances. Since the fruit only grows in Sikroo, only locations within about two weeks travel time can be synced, since the fruit must last the journey.

The individual nodules of a fruit will each glow absolutely in sync with each other, but removing a nodule from it’s main core drastically reduced it’s useful life. (Typically the fruit will only glow for one for light cycle)

Midnight Fruit

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