God: Baxlebub
Capitol City: Cawthorne
Alignment: Varied
Avatar: ZU
Created: 2E30

Dragons could be considered to be the most diverse of all the races of Bentree, even though their numbers are very few. From a broad perspective, there can be viewed to be three of three different groups of dragons: Chromatic, Metallic (also known as the Ambassadors), and Imperial Dragons. To understand the differences between these three, it is important to look at the history of Dragons.

History: Dragons were created by Baxlebub early in the second age, and more than any other race worship that god, though now for different reasons. They were a diverse race, both visually and mentally. Their colors ranged greatly, but the shiniest of them were always superior physically, but generally more mild as well. The dragons lived peacefully in The Dragon’s Teeth for many long years without incident. In 2E34, a colony of Grippli arrived in The Dragon’s Teeth, settling at Angar. The dragons then learned of the rest of the world, and were greatly intrigued. It was decided that the best of them (the metallic dragons) should travel to the city of Ovid as ambassadors lead by the greatest of their number, Zu. As it turned out, this decision would prove to be somewhat folly, as the dragons that remained within Cawthorne (chromatic) turned wholly to evil by the beginning of the third age. Apparently, it was only the presence of the Metallic Dragons that staid the evil of the chromatic dragons.

When they arrived in Ovid Zu, partially out of his newfound love of the small folk Grippli, created the Ratfolk with the guiding hand of Baxlebub. Here, the metallic dragons lived as ambassadors until news came from Cawthorne that made it clear that they no longer represented their entire race. The metallic dragons began calling themselves true dragons.

A sect of chromatic dragons broke off in 3E40, not liking the evil direction their kind had taken. They migrated to the Tree of Souls. These dragons, and their descendants, are now known as the Imperial Dragons.

In 3E82, the chromatic dragons attacked and captured the Grippli city of Angar, killing every occupant they could.

In 3E85, an army of true dragons traveled to Greytree en route to Catalyst. They were killed there by the surprise attack by the warforged army lead by Thane. This was a huge blow to the population of true dragons, including the death of their great leader, Zu.

Culture: Chromatic dragons (black, blue, green, red, white) are almost universally evil, seeking only to slake their endless lust for food, treasure, and bloodshed.

Imperial dragons (forest, sea, sky, sovereign, underworld) are regal guardians of ancient lands and servants of cosmic balance.

Metallic dragons (brass, bronze, copper, gold, silver) are generally good and often protect the lands under their care.


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