God: Baxlebub
Capitol City: Dyner
Alignment: Neutral
Avatar: NA
Created: 2E80

Description: Centaurs are part man and part horse and vary widely in appearance, their skin tones typically appearing deeply tanned but similar to the humans who occupy nearby regions, while their lower bodies borrow the colorations of local equines. Centaur hair and eyes trend toward darker colors and their features tend to be broad, while the overall bulk of their bodies is influenced by the size of the horses their lower quarters resemble. Thus, while an average centaur stands over 7 feet tall and weights upward of 2,000 pounds, there are vast regional variations—from lean plains-runners to burly mountain hunters. Centaurs typically live to be about 60 years old.

History: Though a fairly old race, the centaurs have very little history to them. They came into existence early in the second age and nothing else of note happened until 3E73 when a small colony of Gripplis joined them in Dyner.

Culture: Centaurs are peaceful with each other, never doing more than bickering between themselves. They were made by Baxlebub, and have had no other contact with any deity. According to them, no other deity actually exists. This notion was tested when the Gripplis arrived, but the centaurs are still highly doubtful of this ‘Natsuma’ that is spoken of. Even with that, they hardly worship Baxlebub. They instead spend their time staring at the stars, singing, and racing each other (their favorite past time).

Only the most physically superior centaurs have the endurance to sprint all the way across the Brown Belt. Because of this, little information makes its way into Dyner and even less trade. The centaurs have become accustomed to this small amount of information, and for the most part, care very little about the stories that the Grippli will tell.

Centaurs herd what is undeniably the best horses in all of Bentree. However, these horses would be very difficult to steal or export because of the Brown Belt, and the centaurs would likely resist both with all of their might.


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