To Do

The Dragon’s Teeth
Gordotch Grail
Lake Cordon
Swamp of Collo
Tree of Souls
The Maze









1st Era:

2 Meteor Craters
The Dragon’s Teeth

The Gordotch Grail

Lake Cordon
Swamp of Collo

Tree of Souls
Poison Plant maze

2nd Era:
Orks (Grizzlebees)
Kobolds (Chaucer)

Avatar Guildsmaster Verran for Kobolds

Kobolds and Zeppelins
Kobolds in Commerce
Verran makes Ovid (Ovid)

Ork Avatar Automaius
Orks learn Magitech
Orks make warforged
Warforged build Metal Tower (Metal Tower)
Verran makes Guild of the Sky (Faction: Undergnome city)

Warforged Avatar Thane
Warforged and Steam-Tech
Thane makes Dwarves (3-2-4)
Verran makes Humor Forges (Humor Forges)
Orks move to Bolus Rex (Bolus Rex)

Thane raises an army in Metal Tower
Automaius raises army in Grizzlebees
Verran raises an army in Ovid
Warforged salt land around metal tower

3rd Era:
Thane raises army in metal tower
Ovid advances in politics

Thane creates Headland (Headland)
Headland burns and salts surrounding lands
Raise army in Headlands
Raise army in 3-2-4
Warforged build Steel Grove (Steel Grove)

Warforged advance in guns
Thane creates Silo

Warforged raise army in Metal Tower, 3-2-4, Steel Grove

Army in 3-2-4
Attack Greytree killing dragon army
Brings survivors back to 3-2-4 (treefolk, elves, and drow) with one army
Rename Greytree Grey
Armies begin marching on Ovid
Metal Tower builds giant fortified Metal Tower
Automaius creates Novum Ordo (Novum Ordo)
Metal tower takes over Cyan, enslaves Albis
Verran makes army in Chaucer


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