Founded By: Ratfolk
Founding Date: 2E530
Common Peoples: Ratfolk/Humans/Kobolds/Gripplis
Common Languages: Common
Type: Lawful-Neutral Small City
Government: Plutocracy
Qualities: Academic, Defensible, Planned Community, Racial Enclave (Ratfolk)
Corruption: +4 Crime: +3 Economy: +6 Law: +1 Lore: +2 Society: -4
Base Limit: It’s practically impossible to buy things in Atwak (besides basic supplies)
Purchase Limit: If searched for long enough, there is almost always a collector willing to buy the item.
Spellcasting: 7th Danger: 5

Description: At first, Atwak can seem like a never-ending maze of underground tunnels and roads. It is ill advised for a newcomer to come to the city and travel far away from the entrance they took, as they will quickly become lost. However, to those who have spent considerable time in Atwak, the genius of this rodent people is revealed. To the trained eye, the city is incredibly organized, and people can travel its lengths much quicker than the above ground city of Ovid because of this.

The city is built around the market square, which is located directly underneath the the market square of Ovid. The deeper down you go into Atwak, the smaller the tunnels and roads become, eventually clearly being intended for just Ratfolk use.
Known For: Sakkar/Beautiful Roads, Specialty Shops
History: The Ratfolk started out living in the sewers below Ovid. They expanded and improved on their design, then just kept building. Eventually, there was almost as much below the streets of Ovid as there was above it. The Ratfolk consider Atwak to be its own, sovereign city, but they still consider themselves to be within Ovid’s overall domain, and respect its laws.
Culture: In Atwak, the Ratfolk proudly display their collections in every possible manner. This, however, makes it more likely for attempted thefts, of which there is no tolerance. Guards patrol Atwak perhaps more than any other city in Bentree (save for those with slavery), and every individual Ratfolk knows exactly how to protect his collection.

The Ratfolk will bring some of their wares to the surface everyday in order to trade, but they can’t match Kobolds in this commerce. However, if an adventurer is looking to sell a rare or specialty item, there will ALWAYS be a buyer in Atwak trying to expand his collection. In this aspect, they can’t be matched.


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