Shoes of Many Uses

Shape changing shoes


These foppish shoes have numerous small straps which can be used to strap it to the wearer’s feet or be stuffed inside the shoes for extra padding. Although the shoes appears extremely battered and worn, it is actually quite sturdy.

If the wearer has had the shoes on his feet for 8 out of the past 24 hours, he can change its shape, size, and stiffness simply by pulling at it, even punching holes in the felt with his fingers to form holes or net patterns. This process takes 1 full round, and through a combination of stretching, stiffening, and altering the shoes it is possible to use it as a basket, bedroll, blanket*, brass knuckles*, bucket, buckler, buoy*, butterfly net*, case (map or scroll), chakram*, fishing net, jug, net, pitcher, pot, pouch, sack, sap, spade, tent, or winter blanket. The hat
returns to its normal shape if given a firm shake as a swift action.


Created by the joint efforts of Pax and Nog from Strix Silk for Rikkan.

Shoes of Many Uses

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