Ashwood Sandals of Greenland Whispers


While wearing the Ashwood Sandals of Greenland Whispers, you can hear soft voices coming from plantlife around you. The voices do not respond to questions you may ask, but do endlessly murmur about what can be seen and heard near them. Only you can hear these whispers, and they do not distract you from hearing other noises. If there is enough plant-life in the area, these whispers can aid you in concealing yourself, and finding other things nearby. This grants you a +5 bonus to Perception and Stealth checks in forest, jungle, and swamp terrains.


Created by Pax and Nog for Hoto from Ashwood remains from Greytree (shrines of Jorb are often carved of this wood).

Ashwood Sandals of Greenland Whispers

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