Origins of Bent Tree

World Builder - Session 1

Where the calm plains get molded

Round #

  • Patroneus’ Turn
  • Natsuma’s Turn
  • Baxlebub’s Turn
  • Anbrew’s Turn
  • Jorb’s Turn
  • Calculon’s Turn


Round 1

  • Desert in SE
  • Hot Mountains on SW island
  • Lake in Nish
  • Volcano within a mountain range
  • PASS
  • 2 meteor craters, Island Chain

Round 2

  • Desert deemed Hot, Mountain range west of the desert
  • Floating islands
  • Mountains with lake in NE
  • PASS
  • Pooled Points – Plopians (cellular bateria) (unknown) born within meteor crater and capitol city of Psytosol founded
  • Pooled Points – Plopians (cellular bateria) born within meteor crater and capitol city of Psytosol founded

Round 3

  • Floating continent midland, extended lake
  • PASS
  • Hills and river created
  • Extends volcano mountain range
  • Bay in S
  • The Gordotch Grail (mushroom forest)

Round 4

  • Forest next to crater
  • Rain Forest on Floating island, pine and deciduous tree forest in SW
  • Forest, Hurricane
  • Oreads (unknown) born in mountain range, capitol city of Omat founded
  • Avatar Ploku within the Plobians imbued with divine power, leads Plobians to Quinine (east)
  • Expands Gordotch, Lake Cordone (N) created, swap of Collo (NW) created

Round 5

  • River driven through desert, Filled in crater with water (S), Eternal winter in W plains and section of forest
  • Hills and Lakes on Island, Giant Mud Strip with island of hard land, and strip of floating land
  • PASS
  • Cold in mountains, Oreads advance in Engineering
  • Avatar Ploku creates race of Humans (unknown), founding their capitol city of Briarbridge
  • Tree of Death on Island (grows as population of world increases), Expanded Gordotch, Poison Plant Maze with garden in center


Round 6

  • Irifit (unknown) are born in Desert, capitol city of Irilis is founded
  • Gripplis (good) are born in west Rainforest, capitol city of Sikroo founded, Avatar Tontur of the Gripplis imbued with power
  • Order of Baxlebub founded within the Humans. Centaurs (neutral) are born on island amongst Mud, capitol city of Dyner founded. Dragons (neutral) are born on NW islands, capitol city of Cawthorne created.
  • Oread race expands to city of Ormoroth
  • Plobians advance in Writing, Humans expanded to city of Oarbol in mountains
  • Orcs (good) are born in Swamp of Collo, capitol city of Grizzlebees founded. Kobolds (unknown) are born on W floating island, capitol city of Chaucer? founded


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