Origins of Bent Tree

The Masquerade (John 1-S 1, Sess. 9)

Ruby Circle

Year of the Lion, 3E, Jorbuary 14th

A courier dropped by the inn today. He passed us all a note. Apparently, the higher ups in the Ruby Circle want us to put on a shin-dig for some special members.

I have no idea why they picked us. Bad move.

The Ratling made to tidy up the place, the Human and Grippli went and tidied up the place, and I picked up some wait-staff. The white-skin was out picking daisies and worshipping strawberries in the Gordotch Grail. Helpful. I’m hoping to get this experience over with as soon as possible..


Year of the Lion, 3E, Jorbuary 15th

Today was long. We held the party and I put on a good face for it, but the thing wasn’t without a few problems. For one, the dough-naughts were poisoned. For two, a murderer was present. For three, twelve murderers were present. And for four… I don’t know, the centaur was pretty drunk.

The others expect me to use my powers as if they are a party favor. This is pretty frustrating. It is easier for me to intimidate than it is for me to kill, but I am no entertainer. Ridiculous choices.

Anyway, so we caught someone the Ruby Circle was after. Noisy broad. She managed to call her thugs, but the boys and I took care of them.



oh gosh, forgot about the “dough-naughts”

nyw11 Takkachi

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