Origins of Bent Tree

From Ovid to Traptomb

wherein the party destroys a warforged.

We were recovering from a night of heaving drinking when a messenger delivered caravan tickets and a note asking us to meet up with some big wig Lord or Duke ork and try to get him to aid Ovid’s forces.

We joined up with the caravan and had little trouble getting up to Sogule, though the caravan drivers didn’t seem to want to let us know where we were headed.

Once we got up there, we just went straight up to the only fort in the city. We found a big lock on the door and then had a quick conversation with a grumpy warforged. He said that the ork had passed away, and only those of noble ork birth were allowed to enter his traptomb.

Well, us being us, and you know what they say about ork trabtombs, we decided to fight our way in.

They party scaled the wall while I went around to the front door again to try and distract the warforged. That didn’t go too well, but a quick acid splash and a few hits from the rest of them left the warforged crumbling. (We read in a note that he was put in charge of guarding the traptomb, but it seems like his boss kind of hated him so I guess it was all for the best).

We unbent a white key the tin-bin dropped and rode down a large lift-i-vater. We encountered a room with pedestal in the middle (with a key profile slot going down in the center), and two chests in the back. Rikky translated the writing on the floor to say we should only open one chest. We squabbled a bit about whether to open the devil’s cause or a child’s innocence and decided on the devil. Gwudd sniffed at a yellow pot of liquid and it shot down his throat. We’ve also got a golden lute now.

I looked down the key-shoot and saw an orange key sitting at the bottom. I deftly grabbed the key and saved the party’s hide. (They would have been stuck in the room without me)

We got to the next room and saw two door. One for the brains and one for the brawn. Me and Rikky went for the brains, Gwudd and Daniel went for the brawn.
I ended up destroying this ork in a bare-knuckle brawl, and I think I’ve got an endorsement deal in the works for this pretty zippy energy drink.

Daniel and Gwudd had to face off in a trivia contest with an ork, and I’m honestly surprised they made it out alive. All told we got two halves of a key and went onwards.

The next area was a bit more tricky. Rikky translated a message telling us to define ourselves. We had some doors to pick from and through each set was another pair, until eventually I found some kind of potion. I’ll get Danny-boy to alchemidentify it for me later. Daniel and Rikkan both got a potion too, but Gwudd got a bag of holding and a key.

I’m still on the lookout for acid. I’m pretty sure these orks get a bulk discount on the stuff when they mention traptombs.



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